Looking to start your journey to net-zero? Not sure where to start? This FREE webinar has been designed by Ecologi's expert team to help small and medium-sized businesses get started this Earth Month. We’ll guide you along the path to net-zero, bust a few common myths, and answer all your burning questions. By the end of the webinar you should be feeling confident and ready to get going.

✔️ Understand the difference between carbon neutral and net-zero

✔️ Learn why net-zero should be the goal for every business

✔️ Discover the steps needed to reach net-zero 

✔️ Find out how Ecologi Zero can support your net-zero journey

✔️ Take part in live Q&As with the expert climate team at Ecologi

We’re here for you at zero@ecologi.com for any questions that come up as you watch. Enjoy 🙌

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